Photobooths are an AWESOME way to get great photographs of your friends, family, and other guests at your wedding. I offer them with my wedding packages, and thought I’d share a little more information about them. My photobooth is “open air” style – a modern circular LED light set in front of a large backdrop and guest-operated by touchscreen. There are a few unique benefits of the way I do photobooths:

1) They’re entirely self-operated.

My photobooths are operated by a touchscreen on the front of the booth. No photographer is needed to operate it, which saves you money (no additional photographer to pay) and makes for better photos in my opinion. People get a little goofier when they don’t feel like a photographer is watching them. Did I mention guests can apply filters? #peoplelovefilters 

It also means there’s no hourly limit as long as I’m at the wedding. You can set it up as early as you want, and we don’t need to take it down until I leave the wedding.


2) Lots of people can fit into them.

My booths aren’t a “booth” in the traditional sense of the word – they’re more of an open area for guests to take photos in. That means that you can fit a LOT of people into them, as you can see in the photos below. Much more than the traditional photobooth limit of 2-3 people.

3) The photos are taken with a studio flash and digital SLR.

That means that they’re super high-quality. You and your guests could blow these up into huge prints and they’d look amazing.

4) Guests are able to send photos to themselves on the spot.

Photos can be emailed or texted the instant they’re taken if your venue has wifi. If your venue doesn’t have wifi, I typically set up a Hot Spot. Either way, the photos will also be emailed to you for download- usually through DropBox. 


5) You get the great photos via download.

In other words, you can make a guestbook however you see fit. Big prints, small prints, loose prints, a book…all options are on the table. Who saves those tiny printouts that usually end up lost in your purse anyways? 

6). Unique backdrops.

I have a white backdrop, but your options aren’t limited to that. Many couples make their own unique backdrops, or use a wall/hedge/etc. at their venue as a backdrop. One couple used the groom’s orange VW bug as the backdrop. Be creative! Just be sure your backdrop is at least 8'x8'. 

If you think you’re interested in having one at your wedding, let me know! They’re $350, and include all of the photos via digital download. Guests are able to email/text the photos to themselves on-the-spot, and I also set up an online gallery so that you and your guests can view/download/print photos of themselves. Below is a typical layout, though we can customize the layout upon request.